Durable - The No Odd Socks™ wash bag
is made from high quality, quick drying mesh that won’t wear, warp, or snag – so you can trust it with your most intimate apparel.

Versatile – The No Odd Socks™ wash bag
is great storage solution for travelling, camping and overnight stays. Simply pack it at the top of your bag in order to find your socks, undies and sleeping garments quickly.

Practical – In a rush? Simply throw the
No Odd Socks™ wash bag straight into the dryer. The bag’s heat resistant material means that it can withstand anything that your socks can!

Easy – Holds up to 10 pairs of socks, extra large compartments, so its perfect for military, hospital & residential care environment.

Generous – Large washing compartments


We hope you enjoy No Odd Socks the movie as seen above.