Fill, Wash, Dry, Store! It’s that easy!
Holds up to 10 pairs of socks in total, 2 pairs per compartment
• Wash the entire bag in the washing machine
• Hang the bag up to dry or throw it in the dryer
• Store the entire bag in your drawer, or quickly fold
your clean pre-paired socks and put them away


‘What a fantastic Aussie product! I’ve bought one for each
member of my family. Now I just throw the bags in the wash
and hook them on the line. I save hours of hanging and sorting time each week’

Julie, Altona Meadows, Vic.

‘Thank you No Odd Socks! With five kids at home, you’ve
saved me a small fortune in replacing odd socks! Bravo!’
Anton, Paddington,

‘Love your product , I used it as a travel bag and it was great, one per family member. It is great for packing undies, bras, fashion & hair accessories and kids bits and pieces, fantastic!’
K Kolettis Melbourne!